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Benefits of eating Strawberries


The heart-shaped strawberry that belongs to the rose family is a cherished fruit with bright red hue and an elongated crown of green leaves on the head. It is often refer to as a guarantee of health. Over 600 different varieties of strawberries is selling across the globe. Milkshakes and other drinks are the mainstay of salads and desserts. According to recent medical research the consumption of fresh strawberries every day is a key factor in improving the immune system and ensuring it is healthy. Get more information about the advantages.

Great for heart health

Strawberries can be a great fruit for people suffering from heart disease. Anyone who wants to prevent heart disease should eat strawberries as often as they can. The fruit is load with health advantages. They are pack with natural components that can help fight dangerous diseases like cancer and heart disease. The minerals and potassium in strawberries can boost your immune system of the body.

Resistance to high cholesterol

Heart disease is among the main causes of deaths from medical conditions worldwide and strawberries are a great source to boost heart health. Flavonoids and elagic acids provide antioxidant effects, which helps improve the heart’s health. They reduce the effect of cholesterol that is bad in blood that results in blood thickening in the arteries. According to an Canadian research study, consumption of strawberries in your diet can help prevent heart disease, diabetes , and weight gain.

Health of the eyes

A diet high in antioxidants may aid in preventing cataracts, and reduce the possibility of loss of vision as we age. Eyes need vitamin C to shield from sun’s ultraviolet rays since they harm corneal proteins. Vitamin C helps strengthen corneas and corneas that make up the cornea of our eyes. Hyaluronic acid serum

Improved defense system

According to experts in the field that strawberries are the most effective food source for vitamin C. Human bodies are not able to produce the vitamin, so it is essential to obtain it from food. Vitamin C helps strengthen and boost the immune system of the body. According to research conducted by researchers at the University of California, if the strawberry is consumed every day for a couple of weeks and the antioxidants in it will be absorbed into blood. Due to the body’s healthful immune system, defense against disease is also enhanced.


Other antioxidants as well as components found in strawberries can also to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. According to research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health women who consume more than 16 strawberries per week experience an increase of 14% in the risk for developing arthritis. Peel off the mask

Useful during pregnancy

Women who are pregnant are advised to consume a form that contains vitamin B folate. Strawberries are the best source for folate. Folate is considered essential for the baby’s brain, skull and spinal cord in the early stages of pregnancy, and the use of strawberries may also help prevent certain birth defects.electrostimulator

aids to treat cancer

A new study in the field of medicine has discovered that a particular kind of early ripening strawberries can aid in the treatment of breast cancer. According to medical experts cancer is a complicated diseasethat involves complicated processes on both molecular and cellular levels. However, strawberries play an important role in reducing the seriousness that breast cancer. Some studies earlier showed that strawberries may decrease the severity of some kinds of cancer. Vitamin C is an important anti-cancer component, and helps in the prevention of cancer. According to research that found the allergenic acid in strawberries contains anti-cancer properties and slows the growth of cancerous cells. Keratin hair mask

Shine in the beauty

Vitamin C found in the fruit is also essential for boosting collagen. Collagen aids in improving flexibility and softness skin. The amount of collagen in the skin decreases with age, however eating a diet high in vitamin C can keep the skin young and healthy. Vitamin C as along with the ellagic acid found in strawberries can prevent wrinkles. Along with improving the appearance of the skin The use of strawberries can also reduce shadows and acne and improves the look of the face.